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by brent roach

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released November 8, 2012



all rights reserved


brent roach Denver, Colorado

Brent was manufactured in a fish cannery in Kingston, OK and has performed numerous menial tasks. In his spare time, he sneezes and does simple addition.

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Track Name: sharing
there’s not a way to make this beautiful day get better
the numbers that i picked did the trick i’m the lucky one
a hundred million dollar check’s gonna come in the next week’s letter
with the lottery my problems now are done

so glad to hear about your fortune
what exactly was your portion
i’m there to help advise you when you buy suits, cars, and jets

i couldn’t think of a thing that i want
i’ve already got way too much
i’ll take the world out to a fine restaurant
and do nice things and such
you could buy me that dress, and then my friends
they could all be impressed, so in the end
don’t you give it away to everyone
we can use it to play, it will be fun

funny now to think on the brink of my big donation
all the sudden you’re my friend to the end and you need my aid
if i give it to the world, then my girl, you show aggravation
but your smile keeps shining, long as you get paid

this guy thinks he’ll donate the money
that’s great but it’s kinda funny
this will, once signed i’ll poison (kill) him, but not ‘til he signs

i’ve written out a plan to help you give your fellow man
the cash you got but there’s a lot of pages
so just sign it here
so much to think about i brought an icy drink around and now
you sign the dotted line
you see it’s all so very clear

sadly, we’ll see our dear friend leave us
gladly, though this won’t bereave us
fortunes can buy much more than solace and console us yet

i couldn’t think of a thing that i want
i’ve already got way too much
i’ll take the world out to a fine restaurant
and do nice things and such
gonna buy me that dress, and then my friends
they will all be impressed, so in the end
i won’t give it away to anyone
i can use it to play, it will be fun

when comes the time that she sees on the line my forgery
signing benedict arnold sure made her trick corrupt
some things that she said made it seem she was so dead morally

oh i might have accidentally switched our cups
yeah, i’m pretty sure i think i switched our cups
yeah, without a doubt i’m certain; mixed ‘em up
Track Name: caroline
i wrote this song for you
not for you to hear
but then what is music
if not for the ear
like when you gave my eyes
a sweet surprise
one day

i risked the you, ideal
to come say hello to you
tell you my love is true
but won’t let you say
you didn’t save a life
or end all strife

i just thought this tune, it sounded nice
and then nice things made me think of you
so be my june-time valentine, my caroline
Track Name: schooner of cool
girl, i love the way you walk
and judging by your lips i think i’d like your talk
your flagpole swagger swings against your arms
and your accidental winking advertises your charm

girl, i love the way you move
fluid was your pupil learning how to be smooth
you trickle so unfickle through the fortunate mass
and your students take a lesson what it means to have class

you are the schooner of cool
turbulent seas are a tease as you maintain
the calm of a glass-surface pool

girl, i love it when you hop
you’re bouncing up and down like you won’t ever stop
your thoughts are tied in knots that they could never undo
and your words are stamped in concrete like a premature shoe

you are the eight ball crusade
a game that they think they are playing
though they’re being played

girl, i love the way you smell
on the level you’re the devil and they’re going to hell
your pitchfork fragrance like a vagrant daffodil
has ‘em sniffin’ while they’re wishin’ that they’d written a will
Track Name: interested eyes
she had interested eyes that night
leaning in on nervous words
motions fluttered like a bird
the crowd would hide me in plain sight

it’s one thing to be a friend
and then there is another
hard to say where one could end
and then begin as lovers

that final word best left unsaid
and with that knowledge comes
the answer sitting in my head
the parts are greater than the sum

there was no spoken evidence
yet that night i seemed convinced
looking back the eyes were mine
my ego craved a chance to dine

imagination grew to truth
rejecter’s triumph gave new power
those interactions so aloof
would fade with realistic hours

she had interested eyes that night
though it really never matters
they existed just to flatter
that bird in memory took fluttered flight

inconsequential, the degree
of what she said by how she’d see
her need and mine, the same as yours
love is never gained by force
and though i fail so often still
i’ve got to fight the urge to fill
my heart with others’ love but yet
fill theirs with mine, that’s how i get
your interested eyes tonight
how i get your

interested lives tonight
by giving something of myself
sometimes unwanted, left on shelf
that makes in neither wrong or right
my worth is found in what i give
and when i take and keep i’m naught
thievery and death i’ve got
at least right now i’ll try to live
Track Name: i killed your pets
this was the hardest call to make
at least the hardest call this week
this might be pretty hard to take
from your neighbor down the street

you gave me just a simple task
one i assured you i could do
“feed my fish is all i ask,
oh, and my canary, too.”

i killed your pets, but not on purpose
this accident just seemed to surface
i killed your pets, i’m really sorry
i got you new ones so please don’t worry

it wasn’t really all my fault
but of course i’ll take the blame
my niece had come along to help
she thought it was a game

we killed your pets, but not on purpose
this accident just seemed to surface
we killed your pets, we’re really sorry
we got you new ones so please don’t worry

pop rocks and birds and fish don’t mix
not even a little bit
the fish exploded right away
the bird fell into it’s own . . . cage

i taught my niece a precious lesson that day
i made her buy you new pets with her allowance money
she couldn’t buy much, i hope the catfish is enough
and the chicken might outgrow its cage

i killed your pets, but not on purpose
those darn pop rocks just seemed to surface
i killed your pets i meant to feed ‘em
if you don’t like the new ones, then you can eat em
Track Name: mountain conquer song
peak of ice on rock in sky
an alter live where climbers die
the place “i will” must kill “i try”
once i’d crossed, my ign’rance lost
this world an answer to the skeptic “why?”

the mountain had away of introducing some to death
it always were the foolish that approached it half in jest
unaware of capabilities they should’ve first possessed
until their own mortality the mountain then impressed

i wanted it more badly than the others that had come
approached it though, less madly thus avoiding fates of some
planning, training, and some luck might take me to the summit
a misplaced foot upon the crux, my life and hopes would plummet

gravity would pull me home
back to molecules that were my flesh and bone
perhaps the consequences of destroying walls and fences
was to reach a point of death worth more than life in trenches

well, my friends they would accompany my journey through the hills
providing inspiration and their comforts just until
the challenges we faced would surely triumph o’er their skill
and one by one they turned back due to logic, not to will

this solo journey to my goal
unlocking views and cultures yet unseen, unheard, untold
perhaps the consequences of destroying walls and fences,
discovery of who i was revealed my unused senses

well, the world beyond that wall of rock that ran from north to south
held more than i could ever tell with words from pen or mouth
the knowledge was invaluable, the others had to know
there only was one way for them to learn, they had to go

so i set out to bring about a union of two worlds and bridge two places most would never come to see without my help so then i’d give them wings, i’d teach them things, so they could grow into a better version of themselves, but then, the question’s “how begin?”
dynamite! i’d blow a hole right through that giant rock
teams of diggers and explosions, night and day, no stop
i’d finally show them what it’s worth, my years of planning, years of work
we broke through to sunlight and the workers went berzerk

peak of ice on rock in sky
an alter live where climbers die
the place “i will” became “i tried”
once we’d crossed, our ign’rance lost
this tunnel could not clearly answer “why?”

twenty years had passed since i first crossed o’er the peak
and as i brought my friends to the other side i couldn’t speak
beautiful, but somehow not as awesome to behold
the climax of my life’s work still could not be truly told

i ripped the mountain’s heart out and the mountain’s heart was mine
and now without a soul i wandered aimlessly and blind
my final quest to journey back with dynamite in hand
and close the gate and close my life between those two great lands

fire and rock would bring me home
back to molecules that were my flesh and bone
thought i tore down walls and fences, but certainly my consequences
was to trade the mountain’s heart for burial in trenches
Track Name: lone masquerader
there stood a lone masquerader, all brambled up
he ate the island spaghetti but could not see truth
the only one there to stop him was margaret
she held the key to the siren that silenced their hearts

so they all had to stay even though they tried to leave her
he had nothing to say; he became a nonbeliever

beneath cathedral umbrellas they looked around
it was the rose window sunlight that colored their sight
in an anonymous mass, found solitude
they had imagined the battle, weightlessly dense

though in their minds they danced with grace, in their bodies, stood unmoving
in their hearts they all had won and reality was losing

where did it go?
weren’t you just thinking?
i don’t think so

why do they listen to this?
there’s other sounds to be heard
the siren has been unlocked
they wonder, was it these words?
Track Name: the muscles in your face
the muscles in your face reminding you it’s not time to sleep yet
you tell them to relax and they do ‘til they forget
your furrowed brow speaking a language unknown
one from within, one that’s your own

and you can’t understand it, you wonder some nights
if that message will die off to nocturnal sights
or if those, too, will carry you and your worries into view
encoded in toasters in love at the zoo

fight, fight, fight, fight, fight the urge to give in
fight, fight, fight, fight or just let normality win
your self is a thing that can cost you your friends
but you’d sleep like a baby when the day ends

the six year old you knows what to do if you will listen
your seventy-year old self will be just as new – nothin’ will be missin’
your wrinkled smile, speaking a language well-known
becoming yourself, becoming your own

you just might distract yourself enough to get rest
you’re not at your worst but you’re not at your best
your heart holds you hostage though you don’t pay it mind
this torture created is the most selfish kind
looking for yourself, who knows what you’ll find
Track Name: just can't work
sometimes you just can't work
'til you've decided not to work
live your list don't simply check things off
realize it'll be okay if you decide to live that way

he had to finish one last thing 'fore he could pick her up
she clung to his left leg she's begging for a horsy ride
he looked down and realized there'd always be last things
before she's grown and gone and what that means

to have is to give
if you really want to live
and now is all we'll ever have

sometimes you just can't work
'til you've decided not to work
live your list don't simply check things off
realize it'll be okay if you decide to live that way

eventually he'd finish things and sometimes he would not
the smile upon his face relayed it's the best that he could do
she laughed and cried and watched him die and never once forgot
the smile upon her face relayed she's doing her best, too

to have is to give
if you really want to live
and now is all we'll ever have
and now is all we'll ever have
Track Name: when i think of your sweetness
when i think of your sweetness, baby, i don’t know what to do
and when i hear the word kindness, i think of you

if you walked through a garden, flower petals would drop
if you strolled through the city, all the traffic would stop
if you toured a museum, all the art would combust,
it would go up in flame, burn away
if you watched the sunset, it couldn’t do what it must

‘cause the flowers know they can’t compete with the beauty you got
and the drivers couldn’t see the street, you’d tie the traffic in knots
and the artwork it just can’t compare
the sun won’t set while you're standing there

when you look in the mirror, reflection’s envy begins
and photos can’t do you justice, you’re uncaught by lens
if someone tried to paint you, they’d have to give up,
throw away their own canvas mistake
film can’t capture your motion; it just simply pretends

‘cause the mirror, it can’t show your heart, your beauty’s more than skin deep
though a photo just might be a start, a glimpse is all it can keep
and the painting, it can’t catch your grace,
motion pictures don’t honor your face

when i think of your sweetness
when i think of your sweetness
when i think of your sweetness
i don’t know what to do
Track Name: man without a story
well i’m a man without a story
if i had one i’d get it wrong
i’ve heard others’ tales of glory
adventures short and fables long
all of these heroes i acquainted
made me feel that i belong
the verbal images they painted
have become this song

it was the sailor that once told me
that the stars were all he knew
and they danced and glimmered as he showed me
the heaven’s deepest blue
they were the spirits of his father
and his father’s fathers, too
he said they’d guide him ever farther
and if i want they’d guide me, too

i bargained a plea to sail the sea, he would teach me the ropes
i navigated crosswinds, reefs, and pirates, too
the sky was a map he taught me to read, i was filled with hope
but the voice of the stars was a sound that i never knew

there was a hermit in the mountains
built his cabin by a stream
he said it babbled about fountains
and the trees told folk tales green
he’d listen to them for direction
they’d reveal his truthful theme
as he gazed on his reflection
between the flicker sunlight gleams

he granted my wish and taught me to fish and we hunted at times
he showed me all the vegetation i could eat
gained the right attitude toward food thanked the sun and earth for each dish
the sights were sublime but to me the mountains would not speak

there was a man who stole the hearts of those he courted
he did his best to give them back when through
so many tears were shed through the years he escorted
i don’t know if anything he said was true

one of the stories was a sculptor that could only work at night
and another like a vulture, he took parachuted flight
a teacher of things great and small, a chef that crafted tasty bites
i met legends that had done it all and done it more than right

so many tales and yet i fail to have one my own
their paths all seem to be so clearly laid
the questions i ask don’t finish the task, it just can’t be shown
of whether legends/heroes/men are born or made

so i’m a man without a story
and it’s finally fine with me
i’ll never have a day of glory
it’s plainly evident to see
all of these fables and adventures
of living strong and living free
translated to the time they spent yours
rapt in melody